An affordable automation solution with camera control, image streaming and simplified integration.

FLIR A50 / A70

A50 and A70 Thermal Image Streaming cameras are the right choice for users who want camera control capabilities and image streaming over Ethernet, as well as flexibility to perform analytics and raw data collection on thermal characteristics using preferred software applications. Thermal image and data output can easily be integrated into custom solutions with the GigE Vision and GenICam support. With options for Wi-Fi, an integrated visual camera, compressed radiometric image streaming, and ONVIF S compatibility, these small and lightweight fixed-focus automation cameras will optimize process control and quality assurance to improve yield, product quality, through-put time, and lower costs.



Quickly access thermal characteristics during production or QA processes to optimize production settings and product quality.

  • Accurately measure temperatures with up to 640 × 480 (307,200 pixels) thermal resolution and ±2°C accuracy
  • Reveal thermal detail with low-noise imagery and data
  • Extract temperatures from each pixel without need for calculation using temperature linear mode and monochrome 16-bit image streaming
  • Identify targets easier using optional simultaneous thermal and visible image streaming from a single camera with MSX®


Simplify integration efforts with non-proprietary industry standard connectivity, data and image streaming, and camera control.

  • GigE Vision and GenlCam compliant for camera control and thermal/visual image video streaming into third-party machine vision applications
  • Full support for compressed radiometric streaming using FLIR Atlas SDK (Advanced Configuration only)
  • SNMP trap and advanced firewall protection allows multiple network devices to securely operate together
  • Simple configuration via standard web browser


Meet the demands of industrial environments and installations.

  • Built with an IP66 rating to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Ensure operation in dynamic settings thanks to heavy-duty M8/12 connectors
  • Easily install the compact, lightweight camera in any location, with multiple mounting options


Image and Optical Data
IR resolution 464 × 348 (A50), 640 × 480 (A70)
Visual resolution 1280 × 960 pixels (optional)
Thermal resolution A70: 29°: <45 mK, 51°: <45 mK, 95°: <60 mK
A50: 29°: <35 mK, 51°: <35 mK, 95°: <45 mK
Focus Fixed, adjustable with included focus tool
Spatial Resolution (IFOV) A50: 29°: 1.2 mrad/pixel, 51°: 2.1 mrad/pixel, 95°: 4.0 mrad/pixel
A70: 29°: 0.84 mrad/pixel, 51°: 1.5 mrad/pixel, 95°: 2.9 mrad/pixel
FOV Options 29°, 51°, 95°
Detector Pitch A50: 17 μm, A70: 12 μm
Spectral Range 7.5–14.0 μm
Frame Rate 30 Hz
Measurement Standard Configuration Advanced Configuration
Object temperature range 20°C to 175°C (-4°F to 347°F)
175°C to 1000°C (347°F to 1832°F)
-20°C to 175°C (-4°F to 347°F)
-20°C to 250°C (-4°F to 482°F)
175°C to 1000°C (347°F to 1832°F)
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading, for ambient temperature 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) and object temperature above 0°C (32°F)
Video streaming, RTSP protocol
Unicast Yes Yes
Multicast Yes Yes
Radiometric RTSP Compressed JPEG-LS (FLIR Radiometric)
Multiple image streams Yes, visual camera option needed (P/N T300295)
Video stream 0
Streaming Resolution 640 × 480 pixels
Source Visual / IR / MSX® / FSX® (visual camera is optional)
Contrast Enhancement FSX® / Histogram equalization (IR only)
Overlay With/Without
Encoding H.264, MPEG4, or MJPEG
Video stream 1
Streaming Resolution 1280 × 960 pixels
Source Visual (visual camera is optional)
Overlay No
Encoding H.264, MPEG4, or MJPEG
Video streaming, GVSP (GigE Vision Streaming Protocol)
Unicast Yes
Multicast Yes
Dual Video Streams No (either IR, Visual, MSX, FSX or Radiometric 16 bit)
Visual Resolution 640 × 480
Pixel Formats YUV411, MONO8, MONO16
Radiometric Resolution A50: 464 × 348, A70: 640 × 480
Temperature Linear 16-bit Yes
Compressed JPEG-LS No Yes
Ethernet Communication GigE Vision, GenICam (SFNC 2.4)
Connector types M12 8-pin X-coded, female; RP-SMA, female
Ethernet Interface Wired, Wi-Fi (optional)
Ethernet power Power over Ethernet, PoE IEEE 802.3af class 3
Ethernet protocols IEEE 1588, SNMP, TCP, UDP, SNTP, RTSP, RTP, HTTP, ICMP, IGMP, sftp (server), FTP (client), SMTP, DHCP, MDNS (Bonjour), uPnP
Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3
Ethernet Type 1000 Mbps
Digital input/output
Connector type M12 Male 12-pin A-coded (shared with external power)
Digital input 2× opto-isolated, Vin (low) = 0-1.5 V, Vin (high) = 3-25 V
Digital output 3× opto-isolated, 0 to 48 V DC, max. 350 mA (derated to 200 mA at 60°C). Solid-state opto relay, 1× dedicated as fault output (NC)
Power system
Power Consumption 7.5 W at 24 V DC typical, 7.8 W at 48 V DC typical, 8.1 W at 48 V PoE typical
External Power Operation 24/48 V DC 8 W max
External Voltage Allowed range 18 V to 56 V DC
Power Connection M12 12-pin A-coded, male (shared with Digital I/O)
Connector type Female RP-SMA


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