Our new systems at the exhibition Security Bratislava

T-Global will present two new systems intended mainly for city police at the exhibition Security Bratislava 2022:

  • T-CITYSOUND MONITORING - security sound monitoring of critical areas of cities and municipalities
  • T-SOUND SCREENER - noise monitoring associated with the registration of exceeding permissible levels

T-Global presented its products at an exhibition in Paris

At the beginning of December 2021, the traditional World Nuclear Exhibition took place in Paris. The company T-Global from Dolny Kubin together with the Swedish partner Ahlberg Cameras AB presented a complex monitoring system at the fair, which is designed to increase the safety of nuclear power plant operations.

Introduced products

T-Multisens Monitoring
The T-Multisens monitoring system is designed for continual monitoring of industrial infrastructures and technologic processes, where is the increased risk to arise of critical situations due to failure of technical equipment or caused by human factor.

More about the system T-Multisens Monitoring

T-Thermal Monitoring
T-Thermal Monitoring system is designed for a continual monitoring of temperature events and processes that occur on the surface of the observed objects and areas. System can quickly identify temperature anomalies of the observed objects and immediately alerts an operator on it.

More about the system T-Thermal Monitoring

T-Sound Monitoring
The T-Sound Monitoring system is designed for continuous acoustic monitoring of critical and technical infrastructures, including machinery and equipment. The aim of monitoring is to capture sound anomalies in time, which are one of the symptoms of a approaching technical failure (abnormal noise, whistling, hiss, etc.).

More about the system T-Sound Monitoring

Thermographic camera for radiation environment Ahlberg IR40
The world's first combined thermographic and visual camera to be developed for nuclear applications. It is designed mainly for early identification of temperature anomalies of critical equipment. In conjunction with the T-Thermal Monitoring system, it gives operators an early warning of unwanted behavior of the observed equipment. The thermographic sensor scan the observed object in the infrared spectrum and at the same time measures its surface temperature. The visual sensor helps the operator with orientation in the monitored area.

T-Global - we help improve security in the industry

The systems presented by us attracted visitors mainly with their complexity, design and unique properties, usable in an environment with nuclear radiation.

The exhibition was an important milestone for us and at the same time a strong impulse. We had many interesting negotiations with the visitors of our exposition. We believe that some of them will bring us new business opportunities. Personal meetings with experts working in the nuclear industry were also a new inspiration for the development of our products.


Organizational changes in companies T-Global s.r.o. and Plettac Systems s.r.o. from 01/2022.

We are pleased to announce that from January 1, 2022, all of Plettac Systems s.r.o. business activities will be transferred to the new company T-Global s.r.o. The decision on this transition was taken by the governing bodies of both companies at the General Meeting in October 2021.

The goal of the organizational change is to support a new business strategy that orients T-Global's offer to the industrial safety segment. Over the course of several years, we have been developing original software solutions for this segment, which have gradually found application in several demanding projects.

From January 2022 we are striking out to a new journey. To the journey on which new challenges and arduous goals awaits us. We believe that together with you our journey will be successful

Ing. Ivan Dudas
CEO, T-Global s.r.o.

Important information

At the same time, we would like to inform all business partners that with effect from 01.01.2022, T-Global s.r.o. assumes all liabilities of Plettac Systems s.r.o. resulting from its previous activities. Simply put, only the company name changes, the address and the people you have been in contact with remain unchanged.

Thanks again for your support. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing to provide you with innovative products and exciting solutions.

We are preparing for the exhibition in Paris

At the WNE Paris exhibition, we want to present our monitoring systems.

We are pleased to announce that together with our Swedish partner Ahlberg Cameras AB we are preparing our first participation at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2021 in Paris. The fair will take place on 30.11. to 2.12.2021.

At the fair focused on nuclear energy we will present our own software applications and systems, which are designed to increase the safety of operation of nuclear facilities.

If you are interested, we will be happy to welcome you in our booth (No. C62, Hall 7).

More informations www.world-nuclear-exhibition.com.

New TG. surveillance camera

Underwater MAST CAMERA 200 HD to control the nuclear fuel handling.

Ahlberg Cameras releases the Mast Camera 200 HD, offering customers increased image quality in amazing 1080p HD. Like its predecessor, the Mast Camera 200 HD is designed for permanent installation on a BWR refueling machine mast. The Mast Camera 200 HD enables the machine operator to read the serial number on the upper tie plate / bail handle. It also helps the operator to view the lower tie plate / nose cone area when guiding the fuel back through the top guide.

The Mast Camera 200 HD can be easily incorporated to an existing Mast Camera system. The camera cable and camera controller already installed at the plant can be reused. And since the camera´s mechanical interface is the same as the previous Mast Camera model, a smooth upgrade quickly and easily provides operators with an excellent mast camera image.

T-Global - Innovative Solutions


Company T-Global develops and delivers application software designed to support thermal imaging and thermography cameras. Software are designed mainly for application in fire prevention & detection, industry, R&D and safeguard & security.

T-Global is a member of Plettac Systems Group.


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