T-Multisens Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure - prevention against breakdown and damage

The T-Multisens monitoring system is designed for non-stop monitoring of industrial infrastructures and technologic processes, where is the increased risk to arise of critical situations due to failure of technical equipment or caused by human factor.


Ideal combination of functionalities

Real-time monitoring, automatic detection

The maximum functionality of the system is achieved through a unique combination of various sensors, thermal and standard cameras and sophisticated software. The software of T-Multisens system continuous evaluates the received data from sensors and automatically detect critical changes of its values. If some value of monitored parameter is crossed the critical threshold, the system immediately alert to operator the potential danger. Timely warning will provide to operator enough time to perform a prevention action, which can eliminate the impending danger and so aver a large damages.

Sensors connectivity options

T-Sensor Manager

Thermal camera as a high effective temperature sensor

The T-Multisens monitoring software combined with thermal cameras as temperature sensors appear as effective form of temperature monitoring for large and shape complex objects and areas. It is especially suitable for outdoor applications, where thermal cameras can reach great outcomes.

Thermal imageThermal imageThermal image

The T-Multisens monitoring software can be combined with many various sensors, which allow to monitor various physical and technical parameters in the selected area. The software provides for the operator the high effective detection functionalities, for example the identification of preset threshold value exceeding, or identification of moment when income the deviation of parameter from standard level - its acceleration.

Options of sensors connectivity

Functionalities of T-Complex Monitoring

Retrospective analysis can help the operator in critical moments

The system is able to perform the continual recording (*) of parameter values, which are received from connected sensors. Recorded data allow to perform the analysis of it in two ways:

  • Quick view at the changes of monitored parameter during the time period immediately before the indicated alarm (trend graph plus video record). It can help the operator to quick define the level of danger and help to make the right decision about the type of preventive action that will be most suitable at that moment.
  • The recorded data analysis (combination of trend graphs with video record from the selected time period) enable the operator to retrospective determine an exact beginning of the critical moment and assign the cause of accident.

* The recording capacity depends on hardware configuration (days/weeks).

„All in One“ Solution

Multifunctional Platform, Modular Conception

Thanks to the multifunctional platform and modular conception the T-Multisens system can be used for the implementation into sector-specific solutions of any size and complexity. The basis of T-Multisens system is the central control system which performs the main video and alarm management. It is possible to connect several auxiliary modules to the central control system.

Modular multifunctional platform of the T-Complex

Key Features

Informations visualisation
  • live video (visible spectrum)
  • live video (infrared spectrum)
  • display of measured temperature values
  • display of monitored parameters values
  • graphs with time-trends of monitored parameters
Real-time analysis & detection
  • fire detection
  • overheating detection
  • detection of exceeding the threshold values
  • motion detection
  • other forms of detection
Retrospective analysis
  • review of alarm events
  • playback of infrared recordings
  • playback of video recordings
  • analysis of parameter values and its change in time
Connectivity possibilities
  • CCTV cameras
  • thermal imaging cameras
  • thermographic cameras
  • acoustic sensors
  • sensors for various parameters monitoring
  • I/O interfaces
  • network clients/users

Monitor of the T-Complex

Solutions for all industries

  • nuclear power plants
  • nuclear waste storages/processings
  • oil & gas mining and transportation
  • oil & gas processing
  • chemicals processing
  • chemical waste storages

  • municipal waste storages
  • port terminals for explosive/toxic material
  • coal mining, transportation and storage
  • wood processing
  • paper production
  • rubber production


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Solution according to customer requirements
We are ready to design for you the detection system which will meet your project requirements. Our design can include all key components that you will need for successful system deployment (e.g. sensors, transmitting system/infrastructure, central control system, operator workplaces, etc).


Large portfolio of supported devices

T-Multisens monitoring system is designed to support various sensors, interface modules, CCTV and thermal imaging cameras, specific cameras for high temperature and nuclear radiation environment as well as cameras approved for the using in explosive environment.

Thermal imaging camera FLIR A400/A500/A700

Thermal imaging camera FLIR A50/A70

Ahlberg PTZ 100

Ahlberg CCTV95

Thermal imaging camera FLIR A310 pt

Thermal imaging camera FLIR A310 ex

Prevention is cheaper than the damages caused!


inflammables and explosives warehousewood industryimportant military objectsnatural gas and oil extraction

petroleum products storages and distributiondocksnatural gas storage and distributiondocks

electric high voltage substationschemical and petrochemical industrypower plantsolid waste landfills and incinerators

electric high voltage substationsnatural gas storage and distributionimportant military objectsairport






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