Machine noise monitoring

Automatic detection of sound anomalies

A properly functioning machine or device generates a characteristic sound in its surroundings (background noise). In the event of a machine failure, its sound usually changes as well. Sometimes changes are sudden and easily recognizable. Often, however, the change is only gradual (even a few weeks) and practically unrecognizable to humans. Sensitive monitoring systems can also detect slow changes in the background noise and alert the operator in good time to the possible risk of failure.

Another example of a change in the background is faults in high-pressure pipes and fittings (gas, fuel, chemical, steam, etc.) leaks. Unexpected leakage of hazardous media can even be the cause of serious industrial accidents

Audible monitoring systems can reduce the risk of unexpected failures to a minimum. By monitoring and early detection of sound anomalies, it is possible to effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations and thus minimize the risk of major damage.

T-Sound Monitoring system is designed to monitor sound backround of machines and automatically detect sound changes.
T-Sound Monitoring can identify the problem before a dangerous situation occurs.

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Prevention is cheaper than the damages caused!



More about T-Sound Monitoring

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